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Meet Tom’s Perfect 10: The Granola of Your Dreams

November 24 2021

Meet Tom’s Perfect 10: The Granola of Your Dreams
Meet Tom’s Perfect 10: The Granola of Your Dreams

After an epic search spanning years and continents, advertising executive, granola connoisseur, and Instagram influencer Tom Bannister is finally unveiling the crunchy results of his quest with the official launch of Tom’s Perfect 10. On December 1st, a single delicious flavor—Ginger Zing—will be available for purchase on Instagram Checkout and Shopify—with new flavors to follow every quarter.

Tom began his granola journey as a dilettante, casually grading granolas in frequent “TOMtalks” on his wife Eva Chen’s Instagram (@evachen212). Unable to find his perfect granola, he began concocting his own, with the help and occasional messy misadventures of his two young children. When the pandemic struck and Tom found himself confined to a New York City apartment, Tom launched a subscription-based flavor-of-the-month granola club which instantly had a waitlist of ten-thousand-plus, earning it the moniker of the “Birkin of Granolas.”

With each monthly granola, Tom invites his community to give feedback via a scorecardsharing their “grainular” analysis of his oat-y delights with the world. After analyzing thousands of reviews, Tom’s Perfect 10 brand is launching widely with the first of the best reviewed flavorsGinger Zing. “Granola is so much more than just a breakfast choice—it’s an afternoon snack or a midnight treat,” says Tom. “Like human nature, it can be both sweet and salty. Healthy or decadent. There are no rules, no roadblocks, and no limits to what’s possible. I believe there’s a perfect granola waiting out there for everybody.”

Tom’s Perfect 10 Ginger Zing will be available to all to purchase on Instagram in USA with Canada following shortly thereafter on December 1st—no waitlists, no lines, no missing out. Made with ginger-infused Vermont maple syrup, oats, pecans, almonds, coconut as well as candied ginger pieces and a large serving of love, Ginger Zing is perky pick-me-up granola designed to tantalize your taste buds and put a swing in your step.

On December 2nd, Tom and Eva Chen will be opening a ‘pop-up shop’ at Culture New York on 8th Street in Manhattan. Granola aficionados will be able to observe the making of this magical treat as well as buy and sample cups of yogurt and granola. Tom will be bringing back four of his most popular flavors specially for the event along with the hero of the day, Ginger Zing.

The subscription-based flavor of the month club will continue with audience favorites transitioning over to wider availability via Tom’s Perfect 10 each quarter. If granola connoisseurs want to join the flavor-of-the-month club, they can sign-up to join the waitlist here. If they prefer to buy granola on an adhoc basis, they can head over to @tbannister on Instagram.

Breakfast time, snack time—indeed any mealtime—will never be the same again.