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Piña Kale-ada

“Tom’s Perfect 10 is the granola of our times”

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Fruity and fresh—Piña Kale-ada is classic summer cocktail with a new age twist. 

First slice apples. Chop chunks of juicy pineapple. Squeeze lime to bursting. Then hold the rum. Instead mix in ginger, tinctures of spirulina and bright green kale.

Sweet with a hint of savory. Both tropical and tantric. Beach bum meets green goddess. Order now!

Ingredients: rolled oats, sorghum meal, crisped rice, coconut, almonds, yogurt chips, diced apple, diced pineapple honey, maple syrup, canola oil, kale powder, lime extract, ginger, sea salt.

Allergens: treenuts, dairy

Production date: 06/15/23