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Yuzu Matcha Granola

“Tom’s Perfect 10 is the granola of our times”

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Yuzu Matcha Granola is inspired by a truly perfect Yuzu Latte I had in Portland. 

I paired the sweet-tart citrus of yuzu with the rich earthy tones of matcha. I added milky yogurt chips and glazed orange as well as incandescent bursts of burnt brown sugar and sansho pepper.

A traditional Japanese citrus renowned for relaxing effects, I have been contemplating an Yuzu-flavored granola for what seems like centuries—finally—here it is!

Ingredients: rolled oats, sorghum meal, crisped rice, almonds, coconut, diced orange rind, diced yuzu, yogurt chips, honey, maple syrup, canola oil, matcha powder, yuzu extract, sansho pepper, brown sugar, salt
Allergens: gluten, nuts, dairy
Production date: 02/15/22
Made in: Brooklyn, NY 11238