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Island Açaí

“Tom’s Perfect 10 is the granola of our times”

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Fuel August with our new flavor—Island Açaí.

Inspired by the Hawaiian Açaí Bowl, I combined mango, papaya and pineapple with açaí powder, nutmeg and good omens. I swirled banana, sea salt and folklore into the magenta mix. This delicious spell is powerful enough to jolt the heads of Easter Island out of their summer heat comas. 

Recharge your life force with this deliciously tropical and ultra-crunchy surf town superfood!

Ingredients: rolled oats, sorghum meal, crisped rice, almonds, coconut, banana chips. dried pineapple, dried mango, dried papaya, honey, maple syrup, canola oil, acai powder, nutmeg, brown sugar, sea salt
Allergens: gluten, nuts