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After an epic search spanning years and continents, I am ready to unveil the crunchy results of my quest.

 At Tom’s Perfect 10, we deliver a different, delectable flavor of granola each month. You can subscribe to receive each delicious creation automatically or buy ad hoc—as long as stocks last.

Each flavor is only available for one month and then it’s gone forever… unless, of-course, the flavor gets such great reviews that it achieves Perfect 10 status—then and only then will we make it available forever!

Right now Ginger Zing and Classic are the only flavors to have achieved Perfect 10 status. Made with only the finest locally sourced ingredients, these recipes are guaranteed to put a swing in your step.

Join the journey, subscribe and fill in the scorecards or just sit back and enjoy the fruits (or oats) of my labor.

Happy snacking!

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